~ Still Alive ~


OoOoh My Goonesss SL has been a stinkerpot because of the rolling restarts today! Giggles. But guess what? I’m still alive! I logged in to end up landing in a scarries adult help hub and then couldn’t get home! But I wouldn’t let dat stop me! Nonononono! Instead I lagged my wee lil self across the sim away from the kajillions of people so that I could at least function. Giggles. Then I started opening some of the new release Note Cards and what do mines wunnering eyes behold? Dis adorable new release from ZoZo’s! So I dashed on overs to have a peek! Żoϊ was there working on a new Biker Outfit =O. We had a lil chit chat an her helped me with the ever famous exchange of 1L because mine sl bank was all confuzzled. AnyyyYyYyways… as I was lookin at the 3 adds for this outfit I was telling her that they all so cute and it was going to be hard to choose! But guess what she said? “da teal one is all in one so can chose how tew wears.” =O Squeeeee! Giggles.  SooOoOOo as you can see.. I soooo gots it! After I made my purchase I found that I couldn’t TP home. Yayyy SL! o.o But still, I didn’t let that stop me 😉 I ran outside of the store and just took my pictures there! \o/ Thankfully after all that was said and done… my home sim is back up so no worries! I’m safe and sound back at home. ❤

Now… let me tell you what all comes with this outfit because wif all da pieces that it includes, it’s a steal at only 150L!  -Live- ZoZo’s (ToddleeDoo) includes: 2 ToddleeDoo Huds for the shirt, one with option for tights, kid & baby size skirts, cardigans and shorts (not shown), boots, a mouth necklace (not shown), 2 bracelets, a hat and the glasses! WOW! There are resizers in all the prim pieces so that no matter your toddleedoo size, it will fit! I has to mention too that the detail on all the textures are amazing so be sure that you go have a good look and while you’re there check out the other brand new releases! Happy Shopping!

Outfit: ZoZo’s -Live- ZoZo’s (ToddleeDoo)

Necklace & Earrings: Mommy & Me Boutique ~Bebe’Licious~ Follow Your Heart Set {Silver}

Hair: Magika [01] Plenty

Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. MiChi III (B)set

Shape:  Turducken Larissa (modified)

Body: Cute Bytes ToddleeDoo v.2.3 – BabyGirl

Eyes:  Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Capri Blue)

Eyelashes: ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01





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